Customizable Maximum Allowable Cost List

Customize MAC lists to capture all savings, modify at will, update weekly, and provide fully transparent lists on the web.
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Pro Pharma is a Multi-Service Consulting Firm specializing in solutions for managing Pharmacy Benefits for Self-Insured Employers, Unions, Third Party Administrators, Managed Care Organizations, Physician Groups, Health Insurers/Workers’ Compensation Insurers, and Integrated Health Networks.

Consulting Services Include Claims Management/Oversight and Management of Benefits, most specifically Client-Specific MAC List Development and Maintenance as follows:

  • Medicaid Compliance and/or CMS FUL Compliance
  • Flexible Pricing Determinants
  • Lowest Cost
  • Average of Lowest 3 Costs
  • Average of all Generics
  • Median of all Generics
  • Flexible Price Sources, including, CMS, MediSpan, First Data Bank, Redbook
  • Flexible Therapeutic Categories (Customizable)
  • Flexible Generic Availability
  • Immediate availability
  • Predetermined time gap from end of patent
  • Minimum number of Generic Manufacturers
  • Decision allowance for generic all, store brands, re-packagers, multisource, and/or branded generics
  • Flexible Code Basis, including GCN, GPI, and NDC


Pro Pharma’s capabilities are focused on Data Analytics and based upon Demographic modeling of Integrated Medical and Pharmacy Data Sets. Our experience sets us apart and positions us as a valued Consultant for those clients interested in “Thinking Outside of the Box” to implement solutions to Benefit Management which are both Quality-Based and Cost-Conscious.


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