Comprehensive Medication Review and Medication Therapy Managment

Fully automated exhaustive review of medications that remove manual entry, link digital billing forms for pharmacies and prescribers, and provide patient and prescriber letters for electronic records and communication.
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Pro Pharma evaluates and analyzes the results Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR), to provide clarity and help to prioritize high risk problems.

ProData Analytics performs Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) and Pro Pharma Pharmaceutical Consultants explains, monitors current experience for effectiveness, and identifies ways to improve the situation. CMR is done by pharmacists through Medication Therapy Management (MTM) for Medicare. Yet, oftentimes application is poor and organizational Star Ratings suffer.

CMR addresses the most significant issues with Medication Therapy, namely:

  • What is the patient’s therapeutic outcome? For example: what are blood glucose levels with current diabetes medication?
  • Are the patient’s drug therapies effective? For example is the patient reaching HbA1c targets and are glucose levels steady?
  • Are the patient’s drug therapies safe? For example, do the patient’s kidneys function well enough to tolerate metformin?

What is the Financial Impact?

  • In a pilot study by Iowa’s Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the mean total care costs were about $300 less per member per month (PMPM) for patients who were monitored with CMR.


Source: Modern Medicine

Pro Data Analytics and Pro Pharma now present a fully automated solution to:

  • Identify patients and build a larger group for evaluation
  • Screen for problems such as compliance, duplicate therapy, polypharmacy, age restrictions, adverse drug reactions, and coordination of care
  • Provide digital reports for physicians and patients
  • Provide digital reports for Medicare, Health Plans and Patient Charts
  • Trend results to ensure actionable, achievable and sustained outcomes

Comprehensive Medication Reviews is a medication profile for a particular patient to show the following:

  • Is the patient receiving two or more drugs within the same therapeutic category
  • Is the patient compliant, or taking their medications as prescribed
  • Verify that medications have been titrated to the maximum tolerable dose (MTD) before adding adjunctive therapy.
  • Verify that unnecessary drug therapy has been tapered and/or discontinued


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